Julia Arnotte Nee

With a breadth of experience, my career to date has been centered on skills in Insights and Strategy. I have worked in New Zealand (Auckland), Australia (Sydney), United Kingdom (London) and the United States (San Diego).

Most recently, I worked in the Technology sector as the Global Social Strategy Lead for HP – Uncovering insights, solving business problems and influencing strategic decisions with Digital Intelligence.

I love technology and I love people. A duality exists – it is not one or the other – technology ‘instead of’ humans – it is humans ‘with’ technology. The very nature of what it means to be ‘human’ has changed with the spread of technology into all aspects of life.

We must be looking to the future in a lens of how technology can impact the most amount of people for the better, not only a selected few. Progress for many, over progress for progresses sake.

I am a contributor in the Social Impact space focusing on bridging the widening Tech Gap & Digital Divide. I am dedicated to helping others, my Pacific background acts as a catalyst for my motivation to increase the representation of Pacific people in the Tech sector.

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