Terms and Code of Conduct


This agreement is made by and between („Afrikathon Team“, „we“, „us“) and the participant („Participant“, „you“).

In response to the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus and the devastating effect, this has on the population, health care systems, social relations and world economy, the AFRIKATHON Team is organizing a pan african hackathon called Afrikathon Hacktaking place exclusively online on 11 – 16 May 2020 (the “Event”).

By participating in the Event, you agree to abide by this Agreement that is a binding legal agreement between you and the Global Hack Team.

  1. Participation
    1. Eligibility. You must be at least 16 years of age. If you are under 16 years of age, please make sure your parent(s) or legal guardian approve your participation. There are no requirements on their nationalities or place of residence. Participants shall submit their ideas and participation request prior to the beginning of the event on 10th May 2020 (time: 13.00 UTC). You may sign up as part of a team. The precondition for the participation of the Event is belonging to a team registered for the event at our Hackathon Portal.
    2. Online Event. The Afrikathon Event will take place exclusively online on 11 – 16 May 2020. You have 48 hours to collaborate and build a solution within the 5 tracks. We’ll start with a kick-off session on Thursday, May 04 (time: 13.00 UTC) and end the hackathon on Saturday, 16 April (time: TBA) with the announcement of the winners. These online services are completely free to use for attendees, the terms of service otherwise do apply. The event is free of charge for the participant.
    3. Ideas. Whilst hackathons generally require you to create your idea and project exclusively during the event, we are an exception this time. You will be required to complete our Design Thinking Exercise before you can create a team to brainstorm on ideas
    4. Teams. The minimum team size is 2 members. Ideally a team size of 4. We do not provide a maximum number, but from experience, we can say that teams with more than 6 members are not that effective.
    5. Mentoring. We will provide mentoring throughout the event in the course of several check-ins. Mentors are not part of the teams.
    6. Sponsors. We can deliver the Event thanks to our Sponsors. The identity of our sponsors is made public at our website at http://afrikathon.org/sponsors-directory. Do cherish them. In return for the sponsorship, they may have access to the event, the teams, the participants and the mentors. They may be allowed to use images of the event, the results, images of the involved teams, and references the challenges solved and results of the event for their marketing purposes.
    7. Judging. We have an outstanding professional jury. They will pick the winners. The Jury for each track will be seen here: http://afrikathon.org.
    8. Prizes. We shall provide monetary prizes and incentives for the winning team of each track, the exact amounts are yet to be confirmed. Our Sponsors will be encouraged to provide additional incentives.
  2. R&W
    1. General R&W. By registering for the Event, the Participant represents and warrants:
      1. You will respect the rights of others. This means that anything submitted shall not be copyrighted or be otherwise proprietary to any third party;
    2. You will not submit or publish anything that could damage the AFRIKATHON Team, sponsors, or any other third party;
    3. You will not submit content that is unlawful, threatening or otherwise in conflict with the Code of Conduct (as defined below)
    4. You will not post or submit solicitations of business or advertisements;
    5. You will not submit contain that contains viruses, malware or any other disabling or malicious code; and
    6. You will not attempt, create, or use any unauthorized access to our network or other platform or storage systems used during the Event.
    7. Privacy Policies. You confirm that you have reviewed our privacy policy (available at http://afrikathon.org/privacy-policy) and by entering into this Agreement accepts the terms thereof.
    8. Terms of Service of Used Platforms. The Afrikathon Event is organized using multiple third-party platforms and service providers. Each of those shall offer their services at their own terms and conditions. We shall not be liable for their performance. Please study their terms prior to use.
  3. IP and non-disclosure
    1. Ownership of Platform and of the Event. You acknowledge that all rights to the platform where the Event is organized, including any associated written materials and other documentation provided under this Agreement, belongs exclusively to AFRIKATHON Hack Team or its third-party suppliers.
    2. Ownership of Creations. You own the rights to the projects you create during the Event. We do note that your employer or other third may have certain rights to your creations. As we are not a party to these commitments we are unable to affect the application and consequences thereof.
    3. Use by Us and Sponsors. By participating in the Event, you agree to share your image or your screenshot taken by us, or the Sponsors or its contractors without receiving compensation of any kind. You understand that the images and footage may be broadcast, displayed, reproduced, edited, exhibited, used and distributed by us, guaana.com or our Sponsors for promotional purposes. This authorization includes the use of your name, image and voice. You may opt out of your image being used by notifying us @ [email protected]. Additionally, we and our Sponsors shall have the right to refer to your or your team submission in the participation of the Event and use the connection for promotional purposes.
  4. Liability
    1. Limitation. The liability of us, our sponsors, mentors and partners is limited to the maximum extent as permitted under applicable law. In no event will we, our mentors or sponsors be liable towards you for any damages whatsoever, whether in contract or tort unless the damage has been caused intentionally.
    2. Waiver. You agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold us, our sponsors, partners and mentors harmless, from any and all claims of any nature that in any way arise from participation in the Event.
    1. Removal. Breaches hereof, the terms of services identified in section 2.4 and of the Code of Conduct by you shall result in your immediate removal from the Event.
  6. General.
    1. Entry into force. The Agreement enters force upon your registration to participate in the Event.
    2. Applicable Law. The laws and legislation of the Republic of Ghana shall apply to the Agreement and the legal relations created hereunder.
    3. Disputes. Disputes shall be settled in the courts of Ghana with Accra County court being the court of first instance.